Spa Services

Relax and rejuvenate mind and body with these luxurious spa services.

No Worries Wednesday Spa Day
Enjoy 15% off all spa services every Wednesday. Spa services include Facials, Spa manicures, and spa pedicures.

Face Treatments

Facial Pricing 

Signature Facial (30 min.) $48+

60 minute Spa Facial  $68+

90 minute Facial $95+

Dermaplaning $60

Dermaplane Facial $98


New! Result driven facial services:

Choose from one of our targeted hybrid peels or our acne clearing facial. Unsure which one is best for you? After a thourough consultation, your esthetician will help choose which service best suites your concerns and needs!


Our acid-hybrid formulas help improve the skin at a microscopic level, improving skin texture, brightening, lifting pigment, softening fine lines & wrinkle appearence and increasing hydration and firmness. There is no pain, zero flaking, and zero downtime!


Result driven facial services:

Acne clearing facial $60

Power Surface Peel $70

Fast Results Peel $48

Ultra detox hand & arm peel $28

Book a series of 5 facials and get the 6th one free! 

Nouvelle Spa Customized Facials And Treatment Focused Facials  

We custom design a treatment that is best suited for your skin needs including cleansing, a refining treatment, extractions, and facial massage. A hydrating masque along with a hand and foot massage complete this luxurious treatment. Discover your skin’s potential and find your inner glow during this treatment focusing on corrective techniques. Choose from Massage Focus, Exfoliation Renewal Focus, Hydration Focus or Relaxation Focus.

Perfecting Plant Peel (additional $20)

Add Aveda's alternative to a 30% Glycolic Acid peel to any facial. Our gentle, redness free peel smooths and resurfaces the appearance of your skin. 



What are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?  

  • Provides deeper product penetration
  • Removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils
  • Promotes smoother skin
  • Safe procedure for removing dead skin cells and “peachfuzz”
  • Reduces the appearance of acne scars
  • Diminishes the look of fine lines
  • Works on all skin types
  • Instant results and no downtime



  • It painlessly exfoliates the stratum corneum to stimulate cellular turnover with little to no downtime.
  • It is a great option for clients with sensitive skin and pregnant women who are looking for a deep exfoliation.
  • It can be performed prior to treatments like facials, laser, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels for better product penetration.
  • It can be performed frequently.
  • It helps makeup go on smoother and more evenly.
  • It can help significantly lighten postinflammatory scars from past acne.
  • It does not make the hair grow back thicker and darker.