Platinum, Grey and fashion Coloring

Color Formulation! You see it all over Pintrest and Instagram the endless opportunity for Hair Color.Men and Women are coloring their hair with more artistic flare than ever before. We are no longer limited to Blonde ,brown and Reds!

Lets talk a bit about Platinum and Grey coloring
This is a fashion color that is so exciting! This can be used as whole head,pieces or to help transition previous colored hair to full grey hair.That being said it is also a high maintenance service as well as quite a process depending on your natural level of hair.In 90% of the cases your hair will be have to be lifted 2-4 separate application for 30-minutes a time. Then the hair must be toned to either the ash platinum or the grey tone. Now the tone lasts 2-4 weeks.This depends on the amount of washing and will have to be reapplied mid way to your outgrowth touch up. The first application may not be able to be done in the same day. This is dependent on 1-the condition of your hair..not everyone takes  care of their hair as well as we would like or its just fragile out of the gate.We must first determine if your hair is in good enough condition to handle the lifting 2-Natural dark is your hair..a level one could take up to 10 hours to lift.".a'nt nobody got time for dat"  3 How much money it will cost in product and time. 4 upkeep.. The upkeep depending on how dark your natural level is and dependent on how much you can handle the look of the dark outgrowth will determining how often you have it done. You may also need more than one applications and add a toner on outgrowth as well all through to the ends to refresh.The scalp can only handle so much developer sitting on it so its a lower level of lift compared to the ends to keep a healthy scalp.

Bright Fashion shades such as Purple, Blues, Reds, Oranges get where I'm going with this! 
All of theses colors (unless you are a bright pale yellow blond out of the gate or pre lifted already) will have to be pre lifted to get the brightness you are seeing first. What that means is to get the desired look we have to highlight or Balayage your hair first ,wash out ,dry then apply fashion colors to create your perfect artistic design. So when booking your appointment with the perfect Pinterest find let the Font Desk Coordinator know you are looking for a fashion color on dark hair,medium or previously colored hair..they'll know we will need some extra time to get this look so that one of our salon color assistants can get you started on the look we need to start that great new look.

Now that you know the fact you can move forward with Bright fashion fun!!!

Terms like Color Melting and Merging..this is when you blend either two or three shades to create three to five shades all on the same strand. This can also be used when adding on the same strand sectioning a red on the top merging with a blue which creates a purple in the middle. Now these are techniques used by us professionals..we know how thick the sectioning can be and what colors in hair color will create the desired color on specific levels of hair. We have all seen "Pinterest Fails" careful when trying these at home with friends..The colors such as Manic Panic don't always come out of the hair when you want them or come out too quick leaving a strange concept left as the color fades. As an Aveda color specialist pulling out green and yellow are the most difficult so be ready to have that look for a bit if that's the fashion color you choose.


Keep Calm 

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